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Washbasin counter from acryle, granite, porcelain or st. steel material

We offer one-, two-, three-basin washbasin counters to the customers who need attractive, durable and affordable solutions for private or public bathrooms, lavatories. 

They can find the best composition of washbasin counters meeting their style and financial options, because we offer not only granite, acryle and  miranite washbasin counters , but porcelain and stainless steel ones installed on counters.

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B&K grab bars in RAL colours

When designing a public bathroom or lavatory, architects should consider not only practical and durable use but aesthetical look, too. Grab bars, harmonizing with cover elements and furniture in colour, can even be decoration of the rooms . their presence doesn’t cause nuisance for able-bodied people.

At the same time a conspicuous coloured grab bar can be great help for a visually impaired man as well. That’s why you can order grab bars of B&K Ltd. in any colour of RAL scale.

Performing an other new demand of customers we extended our choice with front-closed porcelain toilets and seats, which similarly to the well-known toilets with front opening, are available in raised height as well as some models are available in longer design with wall fixture.

The product range, containing more than 120 items for disabled people can perform now also the most special demands.

Don’t miss it! Special offer of 15-30% discount on insect killers!

Also in this season we call you to buy several electric insect killers at special 15-30% cheaper prices (ART7103, ART308, ART309, ART369).

At the same time we inform you that our insect killer range has been extended with new products (BKH6200661, BKH6200561), offering you ideal solution against flying insect killers at favourable introductory price. The new appliances have aluminium house, satisfying demand of also those customers who can’t accept plastic version we usually sold till now.

For further information about the new products please contact our customer service department! Our special offer is valid until cancellation or while stock lasts! Don’t miss it! Special offer of 15-30% discount on insect killers!

Infrared-controlled medical- and industrial kitchen taps

The specially for surgery washbasins and industrial kitchen sink units developed  infrared controlled taps are available in two designs, without mixing lever (for pre-set temperature water) and with mixing lever (for hot-cold water).  

 Use of taps is very easy and practical.

If you place your hand in front of the infrared sensing window you get water with temperature, set either by a thermostatic mixer or by a mixing lever, placed on the tap. If the pre-programmed flowing time is too long and you  don’t need more water, place your hand again in front of the infrared sensor and flowing stops. Necessary water volume can be set by the setting knob of the filtered angle valves – sent by us as accessories -, mounted on water inputs. Water volume flowing through the tap is equal to permeability of the magnetic valve (25 lt/min).

Fourth Piano Automatic outdoor public toilet of B&K Ltd. has been installed!

During past weeks several new automatic outdoor public toilets of B&K Ltd. have been located in Budapest. Start of their operation is expected in autumn , so people in need can use them soon in different districts of Budapest. 
These toilets are clones of the prototype, shown in 2008  (BK30901) awarded by INDUSTORG Application Office,  TÜV-SÜD KERMI Ltt.,Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság,  MEHIB Zrt, EXIMBANK Zrt., TERC Kft. and ITD-Hungary Nonprofit Közhasznú Zrt given the Hungarian Product Award ®  as well as what was acknowledged by Sérültek.hu magazine with Care award.

You can get further information about our toilets on http://www.nyilvanoswc.eu/start_page/!
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