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Now it's ready our latest video showing public toilets of B&K Ltd....

B&K Ltd. has been manufacturing and distributing street-furniture-style outdoor public toilets with different equipment for 15 years. Using accumulated experiences and lot of development we made a summary, showing our toilet buildings with different equipment, services...

Outdoor- and indoor drinking fountain novelties

Easthetical, environment-fitted look, vandal-proof design and durable, practical use can be the main viewpoints for drinking fountains, installed on public open squares and in public institutes. Sequence of eyeviews can be different according to place of installation.

B&K always keep these terms during manufacturing of drinking fountains, also do it right now when entering three new drinking fountain types.

Speciality of BK01459 wall-mounted drinking fountain is that same force is needed to push the pushbutton, put on side of drinking fountain independently from water pressure. Water is flowing while you’re keeping pushbutton pressed. Special operating unit makes possible even for a small child or a disabled man to get water in easy way (Depending on installation height as well.)

BK01481 Upper flowing, floor-standing drinking fountain is made with this pushbutton, too. In this case pushbutton is placed on top of drinking fountain, when pushing it water starts flowing from upper part of drinking head, mounted on side of drinking fountain body.

Third novelty is that BK01482 floor-standing drinking fountain has a traditional, time-controlled pushbuttoned tap, i.e. after pushing the button water starts flowing and stops after a certain period of time automatically. If needed drinking fountain can be ordered with fountain-fixed drinking bowl for dogs. Three types are made from stainless steel and suitable to use both indoor and outdoor.

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Tokaj town has enriched with two outdoor public toilets, made by B&K

Before tourist season started two new outdoor automatic public toilets have started working at Tokaj.  Art Relic Basic type, street furniture style toilets have been located on busiest points of Tokaj, famous for wine tourism and festivals. One toilet is aimed to serve tourists and local people in downtown, the other – close to bank of Bodor river – gives solution for river-loving people „in case of need”.

Toilets, fitting environment with green covering elements have individual image, provided by view pictures of Tokaj, placed on walls of toilets according to demands of customer. Inner design makes possible to use it also with wheelchair. Owing to vandal-proof, stainless steel equipment toilets are resistant to damages, coming from not-intended use. 

More information about outdoor public toilets of B&K can be found HERE

12 mm LTM compact laminate wall system

12 mm wall thick LTM wall system can be used for toilet cabins, changing cabinets, cabin systems, shower cabins in dry and wet rooms. Wall and door modules are made from 12 mm compact laminate sheet, so neither wall elements, nor door sheets need edge closing. Ethereal look of cubicles is provided by upper reinforcement and fixing elements hidden behind front wall as well as screwing that is invisible from outside. Doors are made with turning knob and occupation indicator and stainless steel fittings give exclusive design.

Standard wall height is 2100 mm, standard door width is 602 mm but you have possibility to order individual, custom-made products, too.  Standard colours: white (RAL9010), beige (RAL1015), light grey (RAL7035), contact our colleagues for more colours!

Built-in shower gutters with stainless steel grids

Plastic shower gutters, with low installation height (62 mm), high flowing rate (60 l/min), 3 types of st.steel covering grid and 4 kinds of grid lengths (700, 800, 900, 1000 mm) have got double smell trap. 

If water smell trap gets dry, ball smell trap starts working and protects the room against sewer smell. Easy to clean, durable design. Draining system is resistant to corrosion as well as owing to surface finish cleaning is easy.

Built-in shower gutter selection can be seen HERE

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