ISO 9001:2008, Quality politics of B&K Ltd.


ISO 9001:2008Our activity and the procedures, having basic effect on the quality have been regulated in a frame of a quality controlling system. Briefly the quality politics of our company declares that the quality for B&K Ltd. means that after having sold a product


To achive this result we created the following goals to be performed:

In the management: we require our directors to take high quality work when choosing and successfully using strategies of amending, developing and holding of quality. We want the efficiency of our quality controlling system to meet the expectations of the local and foreign markets to find and keep a solid basis of customers. Our management is responsible for every quality reclamation, tasks of impovement can never stop.

Both in the commerce and the production we force the efficient performance of the quality controlling system, including the following areas: design, manufacturing conditions, quality of the raw materials, choosing of suppliers and subcontractors, quality of the procedures of the production, the tests, the transport, the packing, the storing, the sales and the customer service. We measure satisfaction of our customers and the results of this measurement is used during development of our products. All this is guaranteed by the commitment of the whole staff of B&K Ltd. for the high quality procedures as well as the information technology and the quality controlling management. These assure the continuous optimization of the working processes. Comments of the customers are appreciated, problems are solved within a minimum period of time because judgement of the customer is very important for us. We want to prevent quality problems and not to wait while they appear. It is essential for us to take responsibility for our products, so that the customer is motivated to come and buy again and not to have complaints.

To train our colleagues is very important in order also they feel responsibility for taking high quality work.
It is significant to create also a mental background to achive our quality political goals, ambition.
In order we can maintain our company in the future and can work successfully, our standpoint is that the present status can always be surpassed.

Mr. Gyögy Kugel
managing director

Hungarian Product Award ® for our outdoor public toilets

Hungarian Product AwardOur automatic, outdoor, form-designed public toilets, usable also by disabled were given a special award of Hungarian Product Award ® by INDUSTORG Application Office, TÜV-SÜD KERMI Ltd..National Customer Protection Authority, MEHIB Zrt, EXIMBANK Zrt., TERC Ltd.. ITD-Hungary Nonprofit Zrt. It was a speacial pleasant surprise that this year beside the Hungarian Product Award, B&K Ltd. got an other prize of Care, given by the magazine of for the helpful activity, our company do for the people, living with help.

Prizes were handed over in the Upper Chamber of Parliament on 3 September 2008.
We do hope these privileges are the latest signs showing that high-quality products and developments of our company meet demands, expectations of our partmers. Thank you for acknowledgement!