DEAR VISITOR!We are pleased to welcome you on the renewed home page of B&K Ltd. Our aim is to make your work easier according to the requirements of the 21st century with the means of Internet, using possibilities of it completely. We can contribute to the success of your work when working in the professional industrial sector also you make efforts to create such circumstances which meet the requirements of the European standards and which can improve life-level of the Hungarian inhabitants through the built environment. You can consider the following factors as a guarantee of the achievement of the above efforts: our manufacturing experience, got during the past 21 years, our skilled specialists, our modern developing machines, our high-educated engineer colleagues, working with 3D system, our customer service and our regional technical consultant colleagues.

Clicking on this reference you can take a virtual walk on our premises

With this background we provide you the following advantages:

  • giving fast and technically proper offers to solve everyday and individual tasks,
  • custom-made, small-serial production with complete designer service,
  • excellent service activity, with the help of our travelling colleagues
  • flexible, client-orientated service,
  • realistic prices according to the Hungarian possibilities, without technical compromise,
  • products and procedures documented according to the Hungarian and the European standards
  • consultant and professional network on your premises,
  • flexible paying conditions,
  • transport to your premises, assistance in installation etc,
  • we undertake working-in, wage-work with our free capacity for metal-processing work.
All this is provided by a 40-member, optimistic, client-orientated team, working together for a long time.

Let’s see our main partners from the field of industry:

  • Firms of building industry, assembling vandal-proof water-supplying appliances of the public places (railway stations, big stores etc.),
  • Appliances and technologies of food industry and catering which are conform to the requirements of HACCP system,
  • Institutes, contractors, private enterprises, taking designer activity for the previously mentioned fields.
  • Companies, working in the field of bath investments as organizers, constructors,
  • Firms, building motorways – for appliances of resting houses;
  • Firms, dealing with medical, pharmaceutical industry investments,
  • Town councils, institutes in possession of town councils;
  • Investors of office houses, shopping centres.
Please study products and services of our branch in details and with your questions please contact our customer service by phone, e-mail or personally.

Kindest regards
Mr. György Kugel managing director

Our bank, account and tax numbers:

Budapest Bank Rt.

Account number: 10103843-01676140-00000005

Tax number: HU10484500

Open hours

Our customer service colleagues as well as our warehouse in Monor are at your disposal from 07.30-16.30 from Monday to Friday. If you want to receive your goods at your premises without delay, please choose our door-to-door transport service, about which you can get detailed information in the next point.


In our price-list you can find EXW prices. Please note that our contracted partner is Sprinter Kft. and with their help we undertake delivery of the goods upto 40 kg at a favourable fee all over Hungary and Europe. You can get information of the freight charges from our customer service colleagues.If there is a bigger volume shipment you have to ask for separate offer of transport.


Our company undertake warranty of all our products according to the Hungarian regulations. We undertake company-locality warranty, but - if necessary - our tavelling service colleagues go to your premises within 48 hours from the malfunction information, invoicing you with the travelling charge both within the warranty period and over it. In case of the products, needing regular maintenance, we can contract with you year by year to take this service activity at a favourable price.

H-2200 Monor, Jókai Mór u. 9-11., Phone: (06 29) 613-540, Fax: (06 29) 613-558, E-mail: