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Company data, availabilities

Branch of hygiene, trading availability:

Address: H-2200 Monor Mátyás kir. str. 13.
Phone: 00 36 29-413-553, 00 36 29-613-500
Fax:00 36 29-413-535
Central E-mail:
Customer service E-mail: (order, invoicing, confirmation, counselling.....)
Request for information E-mail: (inquiry, requests from the home page...)
Purchase: (subjects of purchasing, suppliers’ offers)
Matters of employment E-mail: (C/V)

 Branch of hygiene, production availabilities:

Address: H-2200 Monor Jókai str. 9-11.
Phone: 00 36 29-613-540
Fax: 00 36 29-613-558

Technical information E-mail: