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Working activities are done on 25000 m2 area and in 2000 m2 factory and office buildings with the help of up-to-date informatical and designing system and production management .
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Mr. István Árki 
technical director

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AKYAPAK 101 type, pipe- and rolled section bending machine, with AK200CS3 Playback NC control

The section bending machine is able to bend wide range of rolled sections in different radius arches.These rolled sections can be cold-bent L and U steels, hot-rolled circle-, square- and rectangle cross-sectioned L, T, U and I steels, different diameter pipes, square and rectangle cross-sectioned sections. Lower bending rollers of the machine are able to work independently from each other , so you can pre-bend both ends of the stock. With the help of the adjustable supporting rollers you can bend also spirals. For normal works standard rollers are necessary, but for special size sections special/individual bending rollers are needed. The machine can be used both in vertical and horizontal working mode, this helps its wide range application. In horizontal mode big working pieces can be manufactured, too.

Playback 200 NC control gives a lot of possibilities to the operator during programming. The big machine memory offers 100 different programs and 100 program-steps in every bending program. It’s enough if the operator knows bending. When the program starts the machine hauls the material into its axles and waits for the operator to bend the working piece. During bending process the control system memorizes every bending step. In the next bending every step is automatically repeated by the control system, so every working piece will be the same as the first one.

Technical data :
-bending axles: diameter 100 mm
-bending rollers: diameter. 315 mm
-bending speed: 5 m/min
-power: 11 kW

AD-S 30135 CNC SYNCHRO hydraulic edge bending machine

AD-S 30135 CNC SYNCHRO hydraulic edge bending machine

Hydraulic, four-shafted CNC edge bending machine with Modeva 10S control unit. The machine can be used to bend plate spareparts with cold bending process. The Y1 and Y2 pressing cylinders and the rear bumper can be controlled from a program in X and R directions. Quality of the material of the plate to be bent, can also be controlled from a program, as well as the table-prestressing (cambering) depending on the thickness. The rear bumper system of the machine has got an extended 1000 mm road length and a 410 mm inlet depth for extended range of applications. Bending processes are carried out with bending prisms and stamps. In order dead times can be reduced the bending stamps can easily be changed with the help of quick-action clapms.

Maximum bending length is 3050 mm with 135 t pressure power. Machine programming can be done from the control console of the machine or from a separate computer with a software, made for this purpose. On the console the program can also separately be operated and the sequence of bendings can be displayed graphically. Sequence of bendings can be optimised so that the accidental bumps can be avoided. During the work the bending phases can continuously be followed on the graphical display, the bending programs can be stored in alpha-numerical order for a new application. For more and more universal application of the machine we continuously buy new tools, so that demands of the customers can be satisfied.

HRB-4 type rolling machine


Pre-bending capacity is upto max. 8 mm plate thickness. Rolling capacity is upto max. 10 mm plate thickness regarding non-amalgamated structural carbon steel.

Max. rolling length is 3 m. Min. rolling diameter - depending on the material thickness – is 400 mm for carbon steel, and 500 mm for stainless steel.

Further characteristics:

• Control unit with 6 digital reader
• Programmable multi-way points
• Cone bending 
• Reinforced cylinders (HRC 58)
• 4140 steel alloy cylinders, tooled with CNC lathe, with optimal crown 
• Every cylinder mounted on bearings
• Electronic control for the sidelong cylinders
• Dual speed conrol
• Stress-free steel construction machine structure
• Hydraulic sloping end with easy pulling system
• The middle cylinders are driven by hydraulic motor(s) and planet gear(s)
• Every cylinder on the machine with 1” pre-bending and above it 
• Electric and hydraulic protection against overload
• Top quality electric and hydraulic components
• Hydraulic pressure adjustable lower cylinder

Boschert Twin Rotation 1250x2000 type CNC controlled coordinate punching machine

Boschert Twin Rotation 1250x2000 type CNC controlled coordinate punching machine

The CNC controlled tool-machine can be used to produce spareparts made from metal plate with cold formation processing. Operation which can be done: punching, round cutting, bending, extrusion-trapping, closed end louver, rolling etc. The appliance has got two tool-heads, one of them can be rotated. This is why also vertical shape holes in any angle can be punched. The chuck 1 has been fitted with Revotool 7 seven-nest tool-head and the chuck 2 has been fitted with Revotool 4 four-nest tool-head. Besides this, both chucks are able to accept individual Trumpf tools, too. In the chuck 2 also different deforming tools can be used. The machine is operated hydraulically, max. compressive force is 280 kN. Moving range of the machine is 1250 mm towards axis Y and 2000 mm towards axis X. Max. size of the machinable sheetplate is 1250x2500 mm, in case of tape is 1250x10000 mm with overlaps. Max. thickness to be punched is 6,4 mm in case of normal carbon steel, depending on bore-diameter. The biggest tool diameter is 105 mm in case of individual tool. Position speed in direction of axis X/Y 60/30 m/minute. Position precision of the machine is +/- 0,05 mm. Punching speed is max. 275 strokes/minute. The tool-machine controlling system is the software LABOD CNC. In the memory 50 punching programs and 500 tools with the drawing of the tools can be stored, or directly through the company computer system RS232C interface. The machine has got a big kit of tools in order it can be used in as wide range as possible. Age of the machine is half a year.



Our present and new products have been developed with the help of Pro/Engineering 3D computer design workstations. This system makes possible for us in the beginning phase to show our ideas in photorealistic presentation to our Partners. With this possibility we can increase our Partners’ comfort-feeling and last but no least we can save time and money.

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