In big cities, especially in parts of them that attract a large number of tourists, it is more and more of a challenge to build public toilets that fit their environment.

Rome style public toilet use is not a viable option in Hungary as restaurants and cafés in our country, unlike those in Rome and other big cities of the world, do not welcome guests whose sole intention is to visit their toilet facilities.

Unlike in the case of street furniture style, single-occupancy toilets installed in urban public spaces and fitted with coin-operated access control units, toilets located in motorway service areas, and run by the motorway operator, are free of charge apart from the pre-paid motorway toll and are continuously available to users.

B&K is introducing contactless payment to its products. The first items available with this option are our street furniture style automatic public toilets and access control modules

It is important for all of us to find a clean, possibly germ-free, stylish and convincingly hygienic facility whenever we need to use a public toilet.

The term contactless payment refers to a new generation of bank cards that make payments significantly quicker than traditional ones. 

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