Dear Visitor!

Our colleagues have the pleasure to be at your complete disposal. If you have got any problem which you think we can help to solve please contact us trustfully and we will do our best so that you will be satisfied with our services and products.


Mr. György Kugel  managing director
Mr. István Árki  technical director
Mr. Attila Lakk quality manager 
Mr. Zoltan Lehoczki financial manager


Mrs. Éva Emese Blázer customer service colleague

phone: +36 29 613 506
Receive, follow and confirm orders. Provide information about our products and the orders.


Mrs. Ágnes Erõs person in charge of foreign trade matters

mobil: +36 30 248 8219
Export- import matters, foreign transportation, responsible for foreign connections.


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Fax: 29-413-535 | | GPS: Lat 47°20'51" Long 19°26'39"
Production: H-2200 Monor Jókai street 9-11. | Phone: 29-613-540 | Fax: 29-613-558 | | GPS: Lat 47°21'00" Long 19°26'05"