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  • Suggested minimum searching program: Internet Explorer 4, Netscape 4, or higher version-number searching program.
  • Suggested division: 800x600 picture-point or higher
  • Suggested colour depth: 16 bites or higher
  • We suggest using of Acrobat Reader free-available program of company Adobe to view technical and other descriptions, price-lists on the home page. It can be downloaded from internet from the following address:

    Get Adobe Reader Logo

    Download and installation of Acrobat Reader :
    Clicking on the picture, download appears in a new window. In the rolling menu please choose a language (e.g. English), then in the platform menu your operation system (e.g. Windows ME). If you are not sure what your operation system type is, please click on Start menu where you can read it. Then please choose speed of your Internet connection (e.g. dial-up – modem or broadband – wide-band (adsl, rented line etc.) After you did it, below a download icon appears. You must click on it and download starts. In the window of file download please choose saving option, then choose a dictionary where you’d like to save the program (basic situation is Documents folder). Since the program is rather big size, download with modem can take even 15-20 minutes.

    When download is ready (and the program has been saved in the Documents folder), please click on Documents icon on the desk, and in the appearing window please find the just downloaded program, then click twice, so that installation starts. Installation will proceed automatically, clicking on the next button some times. From this time Acrobat Reader automatically starts and allows you to view files when you click on a pdf file either on your own computer or an internet page.

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