Custom-made mechanical production

Beside distribution of standard products – manufactured upon generally accepted recommendations and norms – our factory produce also customized products. Usually those clients use this service who don’t accept standard appliances but need special ones. Our factory manufacture custom-made products first of all from stainless steel but products had already been produced also from dibond plate (aluminium composite plate), carbon steel and aluminium.

Customized solutions in executions of building coverage...

One of the most popular tool of modern architectural solutions is application of covering elements, bent from aluminium composite plates (sandvich plates) Dibond. Factory of B&K Ltd. joined companies that can produce these products.
You can see our work at building of Tarnok railway station, we made plate elements of roof and st.steel structure pillars of Budapest Green Office House. We use dibond plates also for covering of inner and outer surfaces of our automatic, street-furniture-style public toilets. You can read about it in details here!

Customized solutions in executions of building coverage

We are able to produce nearly everything that you may need!

We are able to produce lot of things that our clients might need in the field of food industry, building industry health care, public hygiene…including st.steel hospital trolley, estreme-size sinks, in-line handwash basins, brushed surface telephone cabins or containers, suitable to carry radioactive wastes…

If you come with your ready plans we will manufacture the product according to your demands within short delivery time. Moreover! If you haven’t got plans of the product you want to order but have ideas, our experienced designers with 3D (Pro-Engineer) designer program can make plan of the product to be manufactured. Then after haveing agreed in every detail, manufacturing can start!!

It’s important for us to manufacture products in high quality, - so that they can operate without problem during every day use - considering expectations of our clients , with maximal accuracy, keeping as short delivery time as possible.


Look at our – continuously extending – gallery, showing custom-made products as well as turn to us with your questions and inquiries!
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